Second International Workshop on
Argumentation in Multi-Agent Systems (ArgMAS 2005)

25th or 26th July 2005, Utrecht University, Utrecht, The Netherlands
In Conjunction with AAMAS 2005


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Argumentation can be abstractly defined as the interaction of different arguments for and against some conclusion. Over the last few years, argumentation has been gaining increasing importance in multi-agent systems, mainly as a vehicle for facilitating "rational interaction" (i.e., interaction which involves the giving and receiving of reasons). This is because argumentation provides tools for designing, implementing and analysing sophisticated forms of interaction among rational agents. Argumentation has made solid contributions to the practice of multi-agent dialogues. Application domains include: legal disputes, business negotiation, labor disputes, team formation, scientific inquiry, deliberative democracy, ontology reconciliation, risk analysis, scheduling, and logistics. A single agent may also use argumentation techniques to perform its individual reasoning because it needs to make decisions under complex preferences policies, in a highly dynamic environment.

This workshop, which builds on the successful workshop held in 2004, will be concerned with the use of the concepts, theories, methodologies, and computational models of argumentation in building autonomous agents and multi-agent systems. The workshop will solicit papers looking at both theory and practice. In particular, the workshop aims at bridging the gap between the vast amount of work on argumentation theory and the practical needs of multi-agent systems research.

The workshop will be co-located with the fourth international conference on Autonomous Agents and Multi-Agent Systems AAMAS 2005.


09:00 Lelia Amgoud An argumentation-based model for reasoning about coalition structures
09:30 Ramon Brena, Carlos Chesnevar and Jose Aguirre Argumentation supported information distribution in a multiagent system for knowledge management
10:00 Yannis Dimopoulos, Antonios Kakas and Pavlos Moraitis Argumentation-based modelling of embedded agent dialogues
10.30 Coffee break
11:00 Simon Parsons and Elizabeth Sklar How agents alter their beliefs after an argumentation-based dialogue
Frans H. van Eemeren, Department of Speech Communication, Argumentation Theory and Rhetoric, University of Amsterdam.
Strategic manoeuvring in argumentative discourse
12.30 Lunch
13:30 Leon van der Torre A logic of abstract argumentation
14:00 Nishan Karunatillake, Nicholas Jennings, Iyad Rahwan and Timothy Norman Argument-based negotiation in a social context
14:30 Michael Rovatsos, Iyad Rahwan, Felix Fisher and Gerhard Weiss Adaptive strategies for practical argument-based negotiation
15:00 Coffee break
15:30 Sanjay Modgil Nested argumentation and its application to decision making over actions
16:00 Jelle van Veenen and Henry Prakken A verifiable protocol for arguing about rejections in negotiation
16:30 Simon Wells and Chris Reed Testing formal dialectic

Important Dates

Note that the dates are fixed by the AAMAS conference:
Submission Deadline: March 21st 2005
(no extensions)
Notification of Acceptance: April 18th 2005
Camera Ready Due: 23rd May
Workshop: 25th or 26th July 2005
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