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last updated: Wed Dec 12 8:52:17 EST 2002 (steve)

Claiming homeworks.
You can claim hws from Jonah or Min in the TA help room. Check out messages 160 and 161 in the class webboard

ACM Finals Q&A Session.
There will be an ACM Q&A session on Thursday Dec. 12 7-9 PM in Carlton Lounge in Mudd. TAs will be around to answer last minute questions about the final...bring specific questions.

Course Evaluations.
Please fill out a WCES survey here (and click on WCES).

Check your remaining grace hours do:
$ ~cs1007/bin/gracehrs [cunix id]
look at message 131 in the web board for more details.

Homework #6 has been posted here. It is due Thu Dec 5.

APPLET HELP has been posted here.

  • Please note that I've made a change in the assessment point distribution. Check here for details.

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    Please refer to the links on the left for details about other specific topics. Throughout the semester, these pages will be updated regularly.