Welcome to Advanced Programming -- CS3157!

last updated: Thu Dec 5 23:10:58 EST 2002 (sklar)

Installation and Submission Instructions for HW#56.
are posted here.

Grace hours.
You can check the number of grace hours used by typing the following at the prompt in your cunix account:
unix$ ~cs3157/bin/gracehrs [cunix_id]
replace [cunix_id] with your own cunix id.
NOTE that the script does *not* handle extensions, so if you were granted an extension for an assignment, then you can ignore the script's output for that assignment only.
Any problems with the script, please email Linda (wc164@cs.columbia.edu).

Course Evaluations.
Please fill out a WCES survey here (and click on WCES).

Homework #56 has been posted here.

We voted in class on Wednesday to combine homework #5 and #6 into one large assignment. This will be due on Mon Dec 9. This new combined homework "#56" will be worth the total 35 points that were allocated to homeworks #5 and #6. I will post early next week the new point distribution, which will include more points for connecting the game to the server, and add points for the completion of your game, as well as user documentation and packaging the program (we'll discuss how to do this in the class after Thanksgiving).
This is a BIG assignment and has SIGNIFICANT impact on your term grade, which I don't like to do, but I went with the vote (which was like a million to 3). So, in order to strongly encourage people to get started on this assignment, I will include in the new points distribution a point for completing the GUI DESIGN portion BY MON NOV 25 and bringing the hardcopy of the design to class that day (as specified in the current homework #5 assignment description).

Math in a script
A few students pointed out to me that the addition example in my lecture notes on scripts doesn't work on CUNIX's Bourne shell. I've posted a new example that does: addone.sh

CONTACTING US Please do NOT send messages to me and all the TAs at once.
IF you have a question about your graded homework, then send a message ONLY to the TA who graded the assignment. The name of the grader is listed in the email you got with your hw#1 grade.
IF you have a question about a recitation, then send email to the TA who gave that recitation. The names are listed on the recitation schedule on the class web page.
IF you have a question about an administrative matter, then email me (Prof Sklar).


Please refer to the links on the left for details about other specific topics. Throughout the semester, these pages will be updated regularly.

So, I hope you enjoy the semester and learn a lot of useful things. Please feel free to contact me with any questions and/or concerns. Email is by far the best way to reach me: sklar@cs.columbia.edu

--Professor Elizabeth Sklar.