spring 2003
homework #5 -- IT'S THE LAST ONE -- YIPPEE!!!
due wednesday may 7, by 6am (electronically)
hardcopy -- drop it off in the CS dept office (450 mudd) by 4pm on may 7

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The goal of this assignment is to finish up that game you've been working on all semester long.

This assignment is worth 10 points. Distribution of points is indicated below.

You need to finish implementing the full game, in Java as an application.

You will probably not need to write too much new code for your server, but you still need to submit it.

PLEASE follow the file naming instructions, since this makes life so much easier for the TAs. (And makes them friendlier when grading, hint, hint.)

FIRST: print out the timesheet and keep track of how much time you spend doing the tasks outlined below. BEGIN by predicting the total amount of time that each task will take, BEFORE you start working on the assignment. Enter your prediction as the first row on your timesheet.

Then, as you work on the assignment, enter the actual data on the subsequent rows. See how closely (or not!) your predictions match the actual data.

1. Finish the Java client. (3 points total) Here are the requirements:

2. Finish the server. (1 point total)
You probably won't need to change your server for this assignment, but just in case, you get 0.75 points for including it and making it work with the completed client.
Name your server (0.25 points): hw5server<your-cs-username>.c, so for example, mine is called hw5serversklar.c.

3. Use RCS and a makefile. (2 points total)
Create an RCS directory and put your client and server code in it, as well as your data files (1 point).
Modify the makefile you submitted for hw4 so that by default it will check out the client and server if they are not already checked out (see the lecture notes for information on how to do this) (0.75 points).
Name your makefile (0.25 points): hw5<your-cs-username>.mk, so for example, mine is called hw5sklar.mk.

4. Write software documentation. (1 point total)
Write javadoc source code documentation for ALL the Java components of your game. Generate the javadocs and include them in your submission (0.5 points).
For the C source code, use the javadoc style to comment all the functions and variables for ALL the C components of your game (0.5 points).

5. Write user documentation. (2 points)
Write a user's manual for your game. It can be short (i.e., 1-2 pages) if the game is easy to use (and it should be, if you want full marks for the first part of this assignment).

6. Create an installation package.(1 point)
You need to create an installation package for your game.

7. Submit.
You need to submit your program in two ways: electronically and hard copy.

  1. electronically
    Follow the submission instructions.
  2. hardcopy.
    (1) Print out the homework template cover page and fill it out.
    (2) Print out the timesheet and fill it out.
    (3) STAPLE the cover page and timesheet together.
    (4) Make sure your name and CS username are on all the papers you hand in!
    (5) Bring all this to the CS department office (450 Mudd) and drop it off there by 4pm on Wednesday May 7.