CISC 1110 -- Introduction to Programming Using C++

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12/10/2014 The Final Exam will take place on Wednesday, May 17 at 3:30-5:30 PM in room 1141N.
11/16/2014 Exam 2 is scheduled for Wednesday, November 26. It will take place in 432NE (same room as last exam). Topics include: Functions with reference parameters, arrays (including comparing and searching arrays), strings, and history of computer science. Review will be in class on Nov 24.
10/21/2014 Exam 1 is scheduled for Wednesday, November 5. The exam will be on everything that we learned this semester up to (not including) reference parameters. This includes: introduction, variables, data types, expressions, if-else, for-loop, while-loop, files for input/output, functions. In the Gaddis textbook, this includes Chapters 1-5 AND Chapter 6, from 6.1-6.10.
The exam will be in room 432NE.
10/01/2014 REMINDER: You MUST be reading the textbook along with the class lectures. Many students get the basic idea during lecture, and feel that they are doing fine, when indeed you are not integrating the material. You should also be practicing with Codelab; we covered all exercises through Chapter 3.
10/01/2014 From now on, output files will be created either by using ofstream to write to the file, or running with redirection. Output should not be copy/pasted anymore from the terminal.
9/11/2014 Some students have asked about submitting output. Output refers to whatever gets displayed on your scrren while running the program. One way to submit output is to copy and paste into Notepad, as outlined in these instructions.
9/11/2014 You may find the following link useful for help with C++ syntax and library functions:
9/02/2014 Classroom Change Announcement: Although this section is scheduled to meet in 214NE, we will be beginning class in 3208N at 12:25, and then changing classrooms about halfway through.
8/18/2014 Welcome to CISC 1110! This is the first programming course -- a gateway into the field of computer science. The department has a webpage for this course: see the link above on the left. You can find the syllabus and C++ compiler downloads at the Department website. Information specific to our section including announcements and lab and homework assignments can be found here. The first day of class is Wednesday, September 3. There is a departmental final for this course which will take place on: Wednesday, December 17, 2014, 3:30-5:30 PM.