CISC 4900/4905

Independent and Group Projects

Department of Computer & Information Science, Brooklyn College


This course requires completion of a project during the semester of enrollment.

Enroll in CISC 4900

CISC 4900 enrollment requires department permission for registration.



Students may use projects at work for their CISC 4900 project. Internships typically applying far in advance of seeking enrollment.



Students may find their own project, within or outside the school from a suitable supervisor.

Permission is granted only to those who are graduating in the upcoming semester, barring exceptional circumstances.

Project Based Course

This course has one required orientation meeting during the first week, then 15 hours* per week required project time.

Students are responsible for managing their projects and turning in reports by deadlines stated on the course calendar

*Summer session runs 5 weeks long instead of 15 weeks and therefore requires full-time commitment each week.


First Week

Orientation Meeting

Solidify project and supervisor

Add Deadline

Project Proposal Due

Work on your project

Maintain Weekly Logs

Continue on your project

Meet with your supervisor

10th Week

Interim Report Due

Maintain Weekly Logs

Continue on your project

Meet with your supervisor

15th Week

Final Report and Presentation Due


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