Video games made with Unity, Unreal, or other platform(s).

Little Firefighters

Little Firefighters

Alvin Huang

Spring 2020

The game made with Unity revolves around learning fire safety while playing as a firefighter. (Demo)

3D Car Simulation

Shawn Phillips

Spring 2022

This is a car simulation game created in Unreal Engine, with imported 3D assets created in Blender. In this game the user can control a vehicle across 3D terrain.

Web or Mobile Application Development

Drama Tracker

Andaiye Wurm

Spring 2022

Keep track of all your favorite Japanese shows and movies. This project was made with NodeJS.


Shehryar Ali

Fall 2021

UpTime aims to simplify building management for residential buildings with staff. It allows staff and residents to communicate with each other about packages and complaints.

System Administration

Brooklyn College Metis Cluster

Christian Casimir

Spring 2022

Implementing Linux Systems Administration techniques for building, configuration, maintenance, and documentation of Debian distributions (network and packages).


3D Printer with CNC Machine

LuYang Wu, Haobin Lin

Spring 2022

Control a basic CNC machine, for it to work with specific measurements.

Plant pet robot

Marvin Bracey

Summer 2021

Create an interactive experience between the plant and gardener using microcontroller sensors.

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