Lawrence Goetz


Spring 2024

CISC 1003

CISC 3610

Office Phone: 718-951-5000 x2050
Office: 2112 Ingersoll (First door when you enter)

Previous Research
The Pinball Player Project - (A joint project with Prof. Dayton Clark) A real-time system that has a computer playing pinball and various other devices.

Don't be afraid to ask a question in class. I see many students ask the same question after class. It helps the class if I can give out the advice to the whole class. Also since class participation counts, speak up, also I'll know you more than just a name on the roster.

Random student quotes:
"I wish there were more professors like you in the college who would care for their students."
"You care to help your students and dedicate a lot of time to that."
"Through all my college years you are my best professor. I really learned a lot in your class. It helped me to pick what I want to do as my career choice."
"No matter how many students I've spoken to, no matter what culture or ethnicity or what kind of student, if he/she has taken you, they respect you with all their heart."