Notes and Reading - Lecture #4

Lecture #4 looked at knowledge representation, considering how to represent a range of types of knowledge in logic, and how to handle inconsistent data.


Notes are available in two formats:


The textbook covers knowledge representation in Chapter 12. We covered material from Sections 12.1, 12.2, 12.3 and 12.6. All of the material from these sections is discussed in more detail in the book than it was in class.

We also covered the situation calculus which the book covers in Section 10.4.2.

Finally, we covered some of the basic material on argumentation, which the textbook does not discuss. A good introduction to argumentation is

M. Caminada, A gentle introduction to argumentation semantics, Lecture Notes.
which, despite the fact the author describes it as "Lecture Notes" is, in fact, a very readable paper from someone who understands this material better than most.