CISC 3110 Advanced Programming Techniques

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12/15/2011 A review sheet for the new material on the final exam. Make sure to also go back to the review sheets for Exam 1 and Exam 2 since the final is cumulative.
See you at the final next Wednesday!
12/14/2011 The file on recursion has been updated to reflect the functions we wrote today in class.
12/12/2011 We wrote a pair class for pairs of integers. The source code can be downloaded here. Then we wrote a template pair class. You can review the template pair class.

We wrote a recursive function to evaluate an exponent value. Here is the source file.
Exercise: Rewrite this function to use an iterative approach within a single function call.

12/08/2011 The final exam schedule has been announced. Our final will be on Wednesday, December 21 at 10:30 AM - 12:30 PM. It will be in Room 1127 N.
Note the change of time, date, and location!
12/07/2011 I uploaded the code we wrote today for the bubble sort with template functions. The file can be found here.
A new Homework assignment (on template functions) has been uploaded. We discussed it in class.
11/28/2011 I uploaded the code we wrote today for c-strings. The files can be found here and here.
A new Homework assignment has been uploaded. We discussed it today.
11/23/2011 This is sample code that answers the programming questions (Parts I and II) on Exam 2. Of course, many other versions are also acceptable! Here is the code of the last question on the test that you were asked to trace.
11/07/2011 You can download the code that we wrote in class today here. It demonstrates composition and composition with a pointer to an object. We wrote classes for Date, Person, Employee, Student, and a struct for Country. There is also a small driver program.

As a homework exercise: Write parameterized constructors for Employee and Student classes that will call the parameterized constructors of member objects (Person and / or Date). Write accessor and mutator methods for Employee and Student that delegate tasks to their component objects. Extend the main program to test more of the functionality of these classes.

11/06/2011 Our second midterm is scheduled for Monday, November 21. It will cover pointers and classes. In particular, the new material is in Chapters 10 and 11. A review sheet can be found here.
11/02/2011 The due date for Homework 3 has been extended until Wed, 11/9/2011.
11/02/2011 You can find code that answers the programming questions on Exam 1 here.
10/24/2011 I uploaded the code that we developed and referenced for pointers. It can be found under Notes/Presenations.
10/19/2011 Please complete this worksheet on pointers for Monday, October 24. It is a written hw assignment.
10/19/2011 Our first midterm will be on Monday, October 31. It will cover UNIX, Chapters 7 (classes), 8 (multidimensional arrays, arrays of objects), and 10 up to 10.8 (pointers). A review sheet can be found here.
10/19/2011 An email was sent to the entire class on October 5. If you did not receive the email, please check your settings in the web portal of Brooklyn College.
10/05/2011 We will not meet on Wednesday, October 12. The next class meeting will be on Monday, October 17 and will have a short quiz on Chapter 7.
10/05/2011 Lab 4, on 2D arrays, has been posted. It is a take-home assignment to be completed before you come to class on Monday, October 17.
10/03/2011 The next homework assignment has been posted. It will be an ongoing assignment with several components. It is not due yet. Please get started with it and bring any questions or ambiguities about the assignment to class on Wednesday!
10/03/2011 We continued the Car class in Lab 3 today. It should be submitted and posted your websites before Wednesday's class.
09/07/2010 There will be a quiz on Wednesday, Sept 14. It will be on the material taught in CIS 1110 including arrays, functions (pass by reference/value), loops, data types, expressions, etc. In the Early Objects textbook this material is in Chapters 1-6, sections 8.1-8.8 and Chapter 9. Use your time this week to brush up on this material. (We will be learning new material as well on Wed, the quiz takes about 1/2 hr.)
07/22/11 Welcome to CISC 3110! Our first day of class is Monday, August 29, 2011. This course is programming intensive, so expect to devote several hours a week to assignments. The first week we will be learning the fundamentals of the UNIX operating system. You can ge a head-start by following the links above and beginning to learn UNIX on your own. Be sure you are proficient in the knowledge taught in the first programming course (CISC 1110). Good luck, and I hope this will prove to be a very fruitful semester.

Our textbook will be: Starting Out with C++: Early Objects, 7th Ed. by Tony Gaddis, Judy Walters and Godfrey Muganda (ISBN: 0136077749).
If you want to purchase the 6th edition, it should be fine, but try to get the CD that comes with the text (it contains code for all sample programs).

In addition, we will be using a textbook on UNIX, Just Enough UNIX, by P.K. Anderson. You may buy either the 4th or 5th edition.

If you are interested in internships, visit the CUNY Institute for Software Design and Development's Career Center on the web at