cisc 3650: hci
unit I. Design Principles
mon jan 30 lecture Course introduction
The Design of Everyday Things, by Donald Norman,
Ch 1, The Psychopathology of Everyday Things
wed feb 1 lab Interactive web programming: HTML, CSS, Javascript
mon feb 6 lecture Guidelines, principles and theories
Designing the User Interface, by Ben Shneiderman and Catherine Plaisant,
Ch 2, Guidelines, Principles, and Theories
wed feb 8 lab Interactive web programming: HTML5 part 1
Paper prototyping, by Carolyn Snyder.
mon feb 13 HOLIDAY no class
wed feb 15 lab Interactive web programming: HTML5 part 2
mon feb 20 HOLIDAY no class
unit II. Evaluating Interfaces
tue feb 21 lecture CUNY Monday Evaluation Techniques
Human-Computer Interaction, by Alan Dix, Janet Finlay, Gregory D. Abowd and Russell Beale,
Ch 9, Evaluation Techniques
wed feb 22 lab Heuristic Evaluation
mon feb 27 lecture User Study
  • (no lecture notes!)
Web Usability: A user-centered design approach, by Jonathan Lazar,
Ch 9, Usability testing
wed feb 29 lab DIY (do it yourself) User Study
unit III. Understanding Users
mon mar 5 lecture Mobile App Programming
Designing Interfaces, by Jenifer Tidwell,
Ch 1, What users do
wed mar 7 lab Introduction to Android Programming
mon mar 12 lecture Human activities: What Users do
Leonardo's Laptop: Human needs and the new computing technologies, by Ben Shneiderman,
Ch 5, Understanding human activities and relationships
wed mar 14 lab Android Layouts and Views
mon mar 19 exam! MIDTERM EXAM
wed mar 21 lab Android Notepad Application
unit IV. Devices
mon mar 26 lecture Multisensory and Multimedia Interfaces
---Designing Interactions,by Bill Moggridge,
Ch 8, Multisensory and multimedia
---Organic User Interfaces: Designing Computers in Any Way, Shape, or Form,
by David Holmand and Roel Vertegaal,
Communications of the ACM, volume 51, number 6, June 2008.
---The Cave: Audio Visual Experience Automatic Virtual Environment,
by Carolina Cruz-Neira, Daniel J. Sandin, Thomas A. DeFanti,
Robert V. Kenyon and John C. Hart,
Communications of the ACM, volume 35, number 6, June 1992.
wed mar 28 lab Android Graphics part 1
mon apr 2 lecture Multimodal Interfaces
---Multimodal interfaces that flex, adapt, and persist,
by Sharon Oviatt, Trevor Darrell, Myron Flickner,
Communications of the ACM, volume 47, number 1, January 2004.
---Guidelines for multimodal user interface design,
by Leah M. Reeves, Jennifer Lai, James A. Larson, Sharon Oviatt,
T. S. Balaji, Stéphanie Buisine, Penny Collings, Phil Cohen,
Ben Kraal, Jean-Claude Martin, Michael McTear, TV Raman, Kay M. Stanney,
Hui Su, Qian Ying Wang,
Communications of the ACM, volume 47, number 1, January 2004.
wed apr 4 lab Games Evaluation Lab (Unit II Assignment)
mon apr 9 HOLIDAY no class
wed apr 11 HOLIDAY no class
unit V. Social Computing
mon apr 16 lecture Using social media
Designing Interfaces, by Jenifer Tidwell,
Ch 9, Using social media
wed apr 18 lab Android Graphics part 2
mon apr 23 lecture Social media challenges and opportunities
Users of the world, unite! The challenges and opportunities of Social Media, by Andreas M. Kaplan and Michael Haenlein,
Business Horizons, volume 53, pp59-68, 2010.
wed apr 25 lab privacy policies and interfaces lab
unit VI. Human-Robot Interaction
mon apr 30 lecture class cancelled due to illness :-(
wed may 2 lecture Human Robot Interaction part 1
The Real Transformers,by Robin Marantz Henig,
The New York Times Magazine, July 29, 2007.
mon may 7 lecture Human Robot Interaction part 2
Human-Robot Interaction, by Robin R. Murphy, Tatsuya Nomura, Aude Billard and Jennifer L. Burke,
IEEE Robotics and Automation Magazine, June 2010.
wed may 9 lab Project V Demonstrations
mon may 14 lecture Review for final exam
  • lecture notes
mon may 21 exam! FINAL EXAM (10.30am-12.30pm)
room 5122 N