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lecture #dateTOPICREADINGS
1Tue Aug 30 Introduction to the course
Introduction to e-commerce and distributed applications (1)
Ince ch 1 (intro)
2Fri Sep 2 Introduction to e-commerce and distributed applications (2)
Ince ch 1 (intro)
3Tue Sep 6 How the Internet Works
Ince ch 2 (sections 1-3.2)
4Fri Sep 9 The Internet
Ince ch 2 (sections 3.3-3.7)
5Tue Sep 13 Intro to Clients and Servers
hw #1 out
Ince ch 3 (clients and servers)
6Fri Sep 16 Introduction to Auctions (guest lecturer M. Q. Azhar)
7Tue Sep 20 Introduction to HTML
read the lecture notes and check out these online tutorials:
8Fri Sep 23 Database Servers hw #1 due
Ince ch 5 (sections 1-5)
9Tue Sep 27 Web servers
  • lecture notes (note that we stopped at style sheets and will get to that after the exam)
  • html code from class --- click on the link, then do "view page source" in your browser in order to see what the source code looks like. you can also save the link to your computer and look at it there. remember to look at it in a plain text editor (like Notepad), not a word processor (like word) because a word processor will probably display it as you see it in the browser, and you want to see the raw html tags!
Ince ch 6 (sections 1-3)
Fri Sep 30 EXAM #1
Tue Oct 4 NO CLASS (Rosh Hashanah)
Fri Oct 7 Web programming lab #1 (meet in 5301N) hw #2 out
Tue Oct 11 NO CLASS (CUNY Monday)
Fri Oct 14 Web programming lab #2 (meet in 5301N) none
10Tue Oct 18 Javascript lecture #1 hw #2 due
Ince ch 6 (5.1-5.2, 6.1-6.3) HANDOUT: Javascript, part 1
Fri Oct 21 Javascript lab #1 (meet in 5301N) hw #3 out
11Tue Oct 25 Javascript lecture #2 HANDOUT: Javascript, part 2
Fri Oct 28 Javascript lab #2 (meet in 5301N) none
12Tue Nov 1 case studies (e-commerce: marks and spencer, walmart, ) handout
13Fri Nov 4 case studies (failed e-company: kozmo) hw #3 due
14Tue Nov 8 case studies (m-commerce: maybelline, hertz, amway) handout
Fri Nov 11 EXAM #2
15Tue Nov 15 Interaction Mechanisms
16Fri Nov 18 Content Management Systems
Tue Nov 22 project lab #1(meet in 5301N) hw #4 out
Fri Nov 25 NO CLASS (Thanksgiving)
17Tue Nov 29 Internet Security (part 1) Ince ch 11 (internet security)
21Fri Dec 2 project lab day #2 (meet in 5301N) hw #4 due
18Tue Dec 6 Internet Security (part 2) Ince ch 11 (internet security)
Fri Dec 9 project lab day #3 (meet in 5301N)
Tue Dec 13
(last class)
Project Presentations term project due!
hw #5 out
Wed Dec 21
at 8AM
in 232 NE
hw #5 due