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Attila Máté
Department of Mathematics
Brooklyn College
2900 Bedford Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11210-2889
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This term (spring 2021) I teach MATH 3501 (Probability and Statistics I) MATH 4701 (Numerical Analysis) and The websites for these courses are, There are notes for the courses at these websites; other material will be put up later. This material is free to use for anyone, inside and outside the College. Since current teaching is online, I had to make these notes fairly complete.

    You may click on the link next to read about my notes Introduction to Open Computing. A link to download the notes in pdf form is given there.

    You may also read about my notes Supplementary Notes on Introduction to Analysis. A link to download the notes in pdf form is given there.

    Here you find my notes Introduction to Numerical Analysis with C Programs in pdf form (size is about 1.65 MB).

    Miscellaneous writings, usually supplementary material for courses I teach, can be found at miscellaneous notes. The items here usually have descriptive names -- a guide is also included as to what each file is about at the bottom of that page (needs some updating for new additions).

    You may find the problems and the solutions of the mathematics Prize Exams given to undergraduates at Brooklyn College here for the years 2003--2017.

    The TeX source files for the spring 2006 precalculus final examination can be found by clicking here, Your main interest in these files might be issues involving using TeX in Linux, and the style file used for typesetting the exam. You probably want to start by reading the file readme. In this file, it is explained how to set up your TEXINPUTS and TEXFORMATS parameters so that TeX can take inputs from a directory called texinputs in your home directory in addition to all the other places TeX was already taking inputs from.

    A number of pictures from my trip to Hungary in the summer of 1998 are enclosed. Two larger pictures show me with one of my sisters in law, Ágnes, one sailing on Lake Balaton, another one at a rural wedding. There are also 10 smaller pictures.

    For my adventures in online teaching using Linux, see video conferencing adventures in Linux.

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