Murray Gross

Project Coordinator. Current research interests are use of functional languages for parallel programming, automatic parallelization, and automatic run-time optimization of concurrency. Implementing Grover's Algorithm Using Linear Transformations in Haskell written by A. Murray Gross and Justin Stallard is now available for download here.

E-mail: magross@its.brooklyn.cuny.edu  

Paula Whitlock

Professor.  Computer simulations, especially Monte Carlo methods; development of random number generators, especially for parallel computing systems.

Office: 1212 Ingersoll
E-mail: whitlock@sci.brooklyn.cuny.edu
Office Phone: (718) 951-4554

James Cox

Associate Professor.  Sensory-based robotics; medical imaging; combinatorial algorithms and computational complexity theory.

Office: 2112c Ingersoll
E-mail: cox@sci.brooklyn.cuny.edu
Phone: (718) 951-4710

Scott Dexter

Assistant Professor.  Network security; formal methods; computational complexity; pseudorandom number generators.

Office: 0113 Ingersoll
Email: sdexter@sci.brooklyn.cuny.edu
Telephone: 718.951.5000 ext 2048
Fax: (718) 951-4842

Lawrence Goetz

System Administrator.

Office: 2112 Ingersoll
E-mail: goetz@sci.brooklyn.cuny.edu
Office Phone: (718) 951-5000 ext 2050

Gavriel Yarmish

Assistant Professor.  Distributed and parallel optimization methods; optimization of large linear mathematical optimization programs.

Office: 3208 Ingersoll
E-mail: yarmish@sci.brooklyn.cuny.edu
Phone: (718) 951-5000 ext 2071


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