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last updated: 31-aug-2009

unit I: introduction to web programming and web design
mon-aug-314411N principles of web design (lecture)
wed-sep-2384Lprinciples of web design (lab)
mon-sep-7 labor day (no class)
wed-sep-94411N intro to HTML (lecture)
  • lecture notes (corrected)
  • examples from class:
    myfile.html, smile.html
    REMEMBER to "view source" in your browser to see the HTML files as plain text (like we were looking at them in the text editor in class).
mon-sep-14384LHTML (lab)
wed-sep-164411N intro to CSS (lecture)
mon-sep-21384LCSS (lab)
wed-sep-23384Lunit I project lab
mon-sep-28 yom kippur (no class)
unit II: interactive web programming and data visualization
TUE-sep-294411Ninternet basics and intro to processing (lecture)
wed-sep-30384Lprocessing 1 (lab)
mon-oct-54411N more processing (lecture)
wed-oct-75301Nprocessing 2 (lab)
mon-oct-12 columbus day (no class)
wed-oct-145301Njavascript (lab)
mon-oct-19384Ldata visualization with "many eyes" (lab)
wed-oct-215301Nmidterm review
and unit II project lab
mon-oct-264411NMIDTERM EXAM
unit III: game programming and narrative
wed-oct-285301Ngame programming (lab)
mon-nov-24411N game programming and narrative (lecture)
wed-nov-45301Ngame state (lab)
mon-nov-94411N elements of game design (lecture)
wed-nov-115301Ngame review and design (lab)
mon-nov-165301Nmobile games and flash
wed-nov-185301Nunit III project (lab)
unit IV: agent-based programming: simulation and robotics
mon-nov-235301 Nagent-based programming (lecture)
wed-nov-255301 N"NetLogo" lab
mon-nov-304411Nrobotics programming (lecture)
and robotics programming lab I
wed-dec-24411Nrobotics programming lab II
mon-dec-74411Nunit IV project lab
wed-dec-94411Nfinal exam review and
final unit IV project lab
mon-dec-214411 NFINAL EXAM