I have posted a description of what you have to do for the final.

Note that this has to be handed in to me at the Grad Center by the end of the class time next Tuesday.


A new version of the AIBO code has been posted. This includes working code that passes data from Localization to Behavior.

Note that there are changes in the file, so you need to copy this as well as the Localization files.


The last homework is now posted. This is due on December 2nd, BUT it is straightforward if you have been working on the project.


The most recent version of the AIBO code, including working localization is now posted on the project page.

Note that I have moved the end of the project back a week to the last class (9th December), but you don't have very much time left...

Oh, and obviously I am not expecting homework in tomorrow. I will set homework for you to complete for next week.


The third homework is now posted.


Rather belatedly, I have added the questions relevant to the seminar discussion, Lecture 14, for Tuesday.

Since you already have the midterm stuff to worry about, I have only put down a couple of questions for each paper (one on "Logics for multiagent systems" and one on "Multi-agent interaction").

As ever I only require short answers, but you have to submit these before the class (well, the night before the class).


I have added a description of the midterm to the website.

There is also a link to some notes on installing OpenR now on the projects page.


Note that the midterm has diappeared from the syllabus/schedule.

I decided that since I think exams are a lousy way of figuring out how much you know about the subject, we shouldn't bother with a midterm. Instead you'll have to write a short paper; I'll give you the paper topic in class.

You can think of this as a take-home midterm :-)


Note that because I talked for too long last week, we never had the practical reasoning discussion scheduled for Lecture 9. As a result, I said we'd do that discussion this week, as part of Lecture 11; we'll have time because I won't spend that much time talking about the projects.

BTW, some information about the Lecture 9 are now posted.

I will also try to get the homework marked by this week, so you have some feedback before next week's midterm.

Did I mention the midterm is next week (28th October)?


There will be no class next Tuesday (30th September). Instead, you should cover Chapter 5 of the textbook, follow the reading detailed on the notes and reading page and prepare for the seminar on the 14th of October.

The first 2 homeworks are now posted. The first is due 7th October (see submission for how to submit this, since there are no classes that day), and the second is due the 14th October.

Note that the structure of the course on the syllabus page has changed a little.


Welcome to the course.