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unit I --- Software Development
mon jan 28 Software tools and environments
--- course information
--- lab I.1 (UML)
--- Case Study: Implementing a Web Based Auction System using UML and Component-Based Programming, by Frederick T. Sheldon, Kshamta Jerath, Young-Jik Kwon and Young-Wook Baik, IEEE Proc. COMPSAC 2002 (26th Ann.Computer Software and Applications Conference) Oxford, England., pp. 211-16, August 26-29, 2002.
--- Introduction to OMG's Unified Modeling Language (UML)

on-line resources:
--- ArgoUML
--- Intro to UML tutorial (pdf)

mon feb 4 Software project management
--- lecture notes
--- lab I.2 (RCS and make)

unit II --- Database Systems
mon feb 11 discussion
--- lab II.1 (mysql)
--- lab II.2 (mysql and php)
--- Digital libraries and World Wide Web sites and page persistence, by Wallace Koehler, Information Research, 4(4), 1999.
--- The Anatomy of a Large-Scale Hypertextual Web Search Engine, by Sergey Brin and Lawrence Page, WWW7 / Computer Networks 30(1-7), pages 107-117, 1998.
--- Introduction to Information Systems, excerpt from Chapter 1, by David Whiteley, Palgrave MacMillan, 2004.

on-line resources:
--- mysql tutorial

mon feb 18 no class (president's day)
mon feb 25 Information models and systems
--- lecture notes
--- project proposal assignment
mon mar 3 Database systems 1: SQL and MySQL
--- lecture notes
mon mar 10 --- project proposals:
presentations and discussions

mon mar 17
Database systems 2: MySQL and PHP
--- lecture notes
mon mar 24 no classes (college closed)

unit III --- Intelligent Systems
wed mar 26 conversion day (cuny monday)
Fundamental issues in intelligent systems
--- lecture notes
--- project interface demonsrations
--- Intelligent Agents: Software Technology for the new Millennium, by Boi Faltings, Informatik, 1/2000.
--- Computing machinery and intelligence, by Alan Turing, Mind:59, pp 433-460, 1950.
--- Logical Agents,by Stuart Russell and Peter Norvig,Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach, 2nd edition, chapter 7,pp 194-239, 2002.
--- Statistical Learning Methods,by Stuart Russell and Peter Norvig,Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach, 2nd edition, chapter 20,pp 712-762, 2002.

on-line resources:
--- Eliza demo

mon mar 31 Agent-based systems and decision-making
--- lecture notes
mon apr 7 Knowledge representation
--- lecture notes
--- project database discussions

unit IV --- Software Engineering
mon apr 14 Software processes
--- lecture notes
--- project intelligence discussion
--- An Introduction to Software Engineering, by Laurie Williams, OpenSeminar in Software Engineering, 2004.
--- Patterns and Software: Essential Concepts and Terminology, by Brad Appleton,, 2000.
--- Software Testing, by Jiantao Pan,, 1999.
--- The Power of "What If..." and Nine Ways to Fuel Your Imagination, by Cem Kaner, STQE: Software Testing and Quality Engineering magazine, pp 16-22, Sept/Oct 2003.

on-line resources:
--- Software Engineering Landscape, by Anthony Aaby
--- OpenSeminar in Software Engineering

mon apr 21 no classes (spring break)
mon apr 28 Design patterns and software testing
--- lecture notes
mon may 5 last class!
--- term project presentations and demonstrations
mon may 12 no class (prof out of town)