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last updated: 03-mar-2009

Mostly, Mondays are in 384L until spring break and in 3413N after spring break.
Wednesdays are in 4411N. Some classes may be held in 4412N.
It is important to check this page for room updates!!!

unit I: introduction to web programming and web design
mon-26-jan384L principles of web design (lab) lecture notes
wed-28-jan4411Nprinciples of web design (lecture) lecture notes
mon-02-feb384L intro HTML and CSS (lab) lecture notes
HTML and CSS references
wed-04-feb4411Nintro HTML and CSS (lecture) lecture notes
mon-09-feb384L unit I project lab project I (due FEB 16)
wed-11-feb4411Nspecial lecture on web-enabled interactive applications
guest lecturer: Chipp Jansen
lecture notes
mon-16-feb president's day (no classes)
unit II: interactive web programming and data visualization
wed-18-feb4411NWWW vs Internet; client-server model; interactive web programming (lecture) lecture notes
mon-23-feb384L "processing" (lab) lab
wed-25-feb4411Nprogramming aspects of processing and data visualization preview (lecture) lecture notes
mon-02-mar384L "many eyes" (lab) lab
wed-04-mar4411Nunit II project lab project II (due MARCH 20)
mon-09-mar384Lunit II project lab, more time
unit III: game programming, narrative and movie making
wed-11-mar4411Ngame and narrative programming (lecture) lecture notes
mon-16-mar384L "scratch" (lab) lab
wed-18-mar4411Nmovie making iwth iMovie(lab) iMovie tutorial (abridged)
iMovie tutorial (complete)
mon-23-mar384L game state (lab) lab
wed-25-mar4411NMIDTERM EXAM
mon-30-mar384L "garageband" (lab) GarageBand tutorial (complete)
wed-01-apr4411Nunit III project lab project III (due APR 24)
mon-06-apr384L unit III project lab, more time
wed-08-apr spring break (no classes)
mon-13-apr spring break (no classes)
wed-15-apr spring break (no classes)
unit IV: agent-based programming, simulation and robotics
mon-20-apr3413Nagent-based programming (lecture) lecture notes
wed-22-apr4411Nagent-based programming with "NetLogo" lab
netlogo tutorial
mon-27-apr3413Nsimulation (lab) lecture notes
wed-29-apr4411Nrobotics programming lab I lab
mon-04-may3413Nrobotics programming lab II lab
wed-06-may4411Nunit IV project lab project IV (due MAY 18)
mon-11-may3413Nunit IV project lab, more time
wed-13-may4411Nunit IV project lab, more time; review for final
wed-20-maytbaFINAL EXAM