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session # date paper in ALife book supplementary reading and links presenter(s)
1Thu Sep 1 Learning About Life, by Mitchel Resnick, p.229-241
2Thu Sep 8 Artificial Life as a Tool for Biological Inquiry, by Charles Taylor and David Jefferson, p.1-13
3Thu Sep 15 The Artificial Life Roots of Artificial Intelligence, by Luc Steels, p.75-110
  • Marvin Minsky, Why People Think Computers Can't, The AI Magazine, vol. 3, no. 4, Fall, 1982. Reprinted in Technology Review, Nov./Dec., 1983 and in The Computer Culture, Denis P. Donnelly, (Ed.), Associated University Presses, Cranbury NJ, 1985.
  • Also intriguing is the draft of a book that Minksy is writing now (draft dated July 2005) called The Emotion Machine. Here's a link to chapter 1. You can find the rest of the chapters on Minksy's home page.
4Thu Sep 22 Modeling Adaptive Autonomous Agents, by Pattie Maes, p.135-162
5Thu Sep 29 Genetic Algorithms and Artificial Life, by Melanie Mitchell and Stephanie Forrest, p.268-289
6Thu Oct 6 Toward Synthesizing Artificial Neural Networks that Exhibit Cooperative Intelligent Behavior, by Michael G. Dyer, p.111-134.
(this paper is optional)
Thu Oct 13 NO CLASS (Yom Kippur)
7Thu Oct 20 Cooperation and Community Structure in Artificial Ecosystems, by Kristian Lindgren and Mats G. Nordahl, p.15-37
(moved to nov 3)
  • Robert Axelrod, Evolution of Cooperation (handout given in class, preface and chapter 2)
8Thu Oct 27 Chaos as a Source of Complexity and Diversity in Evolution, by Kunihiko Kaneko, p.163-177
(this paper is optional)
9Thu Nov 3 Visual Models of Morphogenesis, by Przemyslaw Prusinkiewicz, p.61-74
  • Cooperation and Community Structure in Artificial Ecosystems, by Kristian Lindgren and Mats G. Nordahl, p.15-37
    (rescheduled from oct 20)
10Thu Nov 10 An Evolutionary Aroach to Synthetic Biology: Zen and the Art of Creating Life, Thomas S. Ray, p.179-209
11Thu Nov 17 Beyond Digital Naturalism, by Walter Fontana, Gunter Wagner and Leo W. Buss, p.211-227
  • Valentino Braitenberg, Experiments in Synthetic Psychology (handout given in class containing excerpts from first 5 vehicles)
Ehlers, Ligorio
Thu Nov 24 NO CLASS (Thanksgiving)
12Thu Dec 1 Artificial Life as Philosophy, by Daniel Dennett, p.291-301
and Why Do We Need Artificial Life?, by Eric W. Bonabeau and G. Theraulaz, p.303-325
Azhar, Cantor
13Thu Dec 8 catch up day