cisc 3665: game design
unit I. Introduction to Game Design and the Processing Environment
mon aug 29 classes cancelled (Hurricane Irene)
wed aug 31 lecture Course introduction
wed sep 7 lab Processing, part 1
mon sep 12 lab Processing, part 2
unit II. Introduction to Game AI and Agents
wed sep 14 lecture Game AI and agents (part 1)
mon sep 19 lab A simple Processing game agent
wed sep 21 lecture Game AI and agents (part 2)
unit III. Game Physics, Motion and Perception
mon sep 26 lab Physics and motion lab
  • lab (for practice---don't submit)
mon oct 3 lecture Game physics and simple motion
wed oct 5 lecture Perception; Chasing and evading
wed oct 12 assignment II tutorial/help session
mon oct 17 lab class cancelled (due to injury) :-(
wed oct 19 exam! MIDTERM EXAM
mon oct 24 lab Chasing and Evading lab
wed oct 26 lecture Path Planning
mon oct 31 lab Path Planning lab
  • lab (for practice---don't submit)
unit IV. Nuts & Bolts
wed nov 2 lecture Game Design Documentation
mon nov 7 lab Game Design Documentation and Term Project Lab
  • lab (submit this one! due NOV 17)
wed nov 9 lecture Data Collection and Analysis
mon nov 14 lab Data Collection and Analysis Lab
wed nov 16 lecture Scripting
mon nov 21 lab Scripting Lab
unit V. Game Theory and Behaviors
wed nov 23 lecture Game Theory
mon nov 28 lab Game Theory lab
wed nov 30 lecture Character Design and
Deterministic (Rule-based) Behaviors
mon dec 5 lecture Non-deterministic (Uncertain) Behaviors (in room 5122 N)
wed dec 7 lab Behaviors lab (in room 5301 N)
  • lab (submit this one! due DEC 19)
Project Presentations
mon dec 12 Term Project presentations (in room 2127 N)
wed dec 14 Review for Final Exam
mon dec 19 exam! FINAL EXAM (10.30am-12.30pm)
(in room 4411 N)