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I am a professor of Computer and Information Science at Brooklyn College and Graduate Center of the City University of New York. I received a BS degree in Computer Science from Nanjing University, China, in 1984, and MS and PhD degrees in Computer Science and Engineering from Kyushu University, Japan, in 1988 and 1991, respectively. Before joining Brooklyn College, I was an associate professor at Kyushu Institute of Technology from 1991-1999. I had visiting positions at Yale University (1997), University of Alberta (1998), Tokyo Institute of Technology (2002), and Monash Univerisity/the University of Melbourne (2005). (See what ChatGPT says about me).

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Journal and conferrence papers

  1. A Comparison of SAT Encodings for Acyclicity of Directed Graphs, SAT'23. (N.F. Zhou, R. Want, and R. Yap)

  2. Modeling and Solving Graph Synthesis Problems Using SAT-Encoded Reachability Constraints in Picat, ICLP, 2021.(N.F. Zhou)

  3. In Pursuit of an Efficient SAT Encoding for the Hamiltonian Cycle Problem, the 26rd International Conference on Principles and Practice of Constraint Programming, 585-602, 2020 (N.F. Zhou)

  4. Optimizing SAT Encodings for Arithmetic Constraints, the 23rd International Conference on Principles and Practice of Constraint Programming, 671-686, 2017 (N.F. Zhou and H. Kjellerstrand)

  5. Modeling and Solving the Multi-Agent Pathfinding Problem in Picat, ICTAI, 2017 (R. Bartak, N.F. Zhou, R. Stern, E. Boyarski, and P. Surynek)

  6. Canonicalizing High-Level Constructs in Picat (Most Practical Paper Award),Nineteenth International Symposium on Practical Aspects of Declarative Languages, 19-33, 2017 (N.F. Zhou and J. Fruhman)

  7. Multiple-Origin-Multiple-Destination Path Finding with Minimal Arc Usage: Complexity and Models, ICTAI'16, (R. Bartak, N.-F. Zhou, A. Dovier).

  8. Compiling and Executing PDDL in Picat, CILC 2016, 132-147 (M. De Bortoli, R. Bartak, A. Dovier, N.-F. Zhou)

  9. The Picat-SAT Compiler, Eighteenth International Symposium on Practical Aspects of Declarative Languages, 48-62, 2016 (N.F. Zhou and H. Kjellerstrand)

  10. Planning as Tabled Logic Programming, Theory and Practice of Logic Programming, 2015 ( N.-F. Zhou, R. Bartak, and A. Dovier)

  11. On modeling planning problems in tabled logic programming, Proceedings of the 17th International Symposium on Principles and Practice of Declarative Programming, Pages 31-42, 2015 (R. Bartak, A. Dovier, N.-F. Zhou)

  12. Combinatorial Search With Picat, ICLP 2014, Invited talk (N.F. Zhou)

  13. Using Tabled Logic Programming to Solve the Petrobras Planning Problem, Theory and Practice of Logic Programming 2014 (R. Bartak and N.F. Zhou)

  14. A Tabled Prolog Program for Solving Sokoban, Fundamenta Informaticae, 2013 (N.F. Zhou and A. Dovier)

  15. Efficient Tabling of Structured Data with Enhanced Hash-Consing, Theory and Practice of Logic Programming, 2012 (N.F. Zhou and C.T. Have)

  16. The Language Features and Architecture of B-Prolog, Theory and Practice of Logic Programming, Special issue on Prolog systems, Vol. 12, nos.1-2, pp.189-218, 2012 (N.F. Zhou)

  17. Toward a Dynamic Programming Solution for the 4-peg Tower of Hanoi Problem with Configurations, CICLOPS, 2012 (N.F. Zhou and J. Fruhman)

  18. Compiling Answer Set Programs into Event-Driven Action Rules, LPNMR'11, (N.F. Zhou, Y.D. Shen, and J.H. You)

  19. Mode-Directed Tabling for Dynamic Programming, Machine Learning, and Constraint Solving, ICTAI'10, (N.F. Zhou, Y. Kameya, and T. Sato)

  20. Encoding Table Constraints in CLP(FD) Based on Pair-wise AC, ICLP'09, pp.402-416, 2009 (N.F. Zhou)

  21. Linear Tabling Strategies and Optimizations, Theory and Practice of Logic Programming, Vol.8, No.1, pp.81-109, 2008 (N.F. Zhou, T. Sato, and Y.D. Shen)

  22. A Register-free Abstract Prolog Machine with Jumbo Instructions ( ICLP'07 poster and CUNY TR), 2007 (N.F. Zhou)

  23. Programming Finite-Domain Constraint Propagators in Action Rules, Theory and Practice of Logic Programming, Vol.6, No.5, pp.483-508, 2006 (N.F. Zhou)

  24. Generative modeling with failure in PRISM, IJCAI'05, pp.847-852 (T. Sato, Y. Kameya, and N.F. Zhou)

  25. Semi-naive Evaluation in Linear Tabling, ACM-SIGPLAN International Conference on Principles and Practice of Declarative Programming (PPDP-04), Verona, pp.90-97 (N.F. Zhou, Y. Shen, and T. Sato)

  26. Yet More Efficient EM Learning for Parameterized Logic Programs through Intergoal Sharing, ECAI'2004, pp.490-494 (Y. Kameya, T. Sato, and N.F. Zhou)

  27. A Constraint-based Graphics Library for B-Prolog, poster and demo presentation at CP'2004, pp.819-820 (N.F. Zhou)

  28. Efficient Fixpoint Computation in Linear Tabling, ACM PPDP-03, pp.275-283, Uppsala (N.F. Zhou and T. Sato)

  29. CGLIB - A Constraint-based Graphics Library
    Software - Practice and Experience, Vol.33, No.13, pp.1199-1216, 2003 (N.F. Zhou)

  30. Toward a High-performance System for Symbolic and Statistical Modeling
    Proc. IJCAI Workshop on Learning Statistical Models from Relational Data, pp. 153-159, 2003 (N.F. Zhou, T. Sato, K. Hasida)

  31. Implementing Constraint Solvers in B-Prolog
    IFIP World Congress, Intelligent Information Processing, pp.249-260, Kluwer Academic Publishers, 2002 (N.F. Zhou)

  32. Action Rules for Programming Constraint Propagators and Interactive User Interfaces
    Tutorial given at INAP, extended abstract to appear in LNAI, 2002 (N.F. Zhou)

  33. Authoring Graphics-rich and Interactive Documents in CGLIB - A Constraint-based Graphics Library
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  34. A Linear Tabling Mechanism , The Journal of Functional and Logic Programming, 2001., Also appears in PADL'00, LNCS.1753, pp.109-123, 2000 (N.F. Zhou, Y.D. Shen, L. Yuan, and J. You)

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  37. Building Java Applets by Using DJ -- A Java-based Constraint Language, Proc. of the IEEE COMPSAC'99, 442-447, 1999 (N.F. Zhou)

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  44. On the Scheme of Passing Arguments in Stack Frames for Prolog
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  45. An Efficient Finite-domain Constraint Solver in Beta-Prolog
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  46. Global Optimizations in a Prolog Compiler for the TOAM
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  47. Beta-Prolog: An Exted Prolog with Boolean Tables for Combinatorial Search
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  49. A Matching Tree Oriented Abstract Machine for Prolog
    Proc. 7th International Conference on Logic Programming, MIT Press, pp.159-173, 1990 (N.F. Zhou: T. Takagi, and K.Ushijima)

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